Jeanne Rae Crafts

10" Basket Quilt Block

Cutting Chart includes 1/4

Cutting Chart includes 1/4

Directions for 10" Basket

1. Stitch B and C to A; trim ends even with the bottom of the triangle.

Drawing 1

2. Stitch D to this unit.

Drawing 2

3. Stitch on E and F.

Drawing 1

4. Stitch H to G; repeat but reverse H. Stitch these to the basket unit.

Drawing 4a Drawing 4b

5. Stitch triangle I to bottom of basket unit.

Drawing 5

6. Stitch a J triangle to opposite sides of basket unit; press. Stitch remaining two J triangles.

Drawing 6

7. Stitch a border to opposite sides of the basket unit. Stitch a cornerstone to each end of two of the borders. Stitch to block to finish.

Drawing 7


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