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Take Away Applique by Suzanne Marshall

Take Away Applique by Suzanne Marshall
Award-winning Suzanne Marshall takes you from the very beginnings of her quiltmaking, through the development of her skills and love of design, to all the details of her amazing creations. There are many things that make this a unique book, but most fascinating to me are the judges' comments, both pro and con, for each quilt she placed in competition. Her husband's running commentary adds yet another dimension. You gain a real insight into Suzanne's creative process and incredible drive. As for instruction, her methods for applique are unique and very precise. This book is a treasure that I will go back to often, both for inspiration and technique.

Baltimore Bouquets: Patterns and Techniques for Dimensional Applique by Mimi Dietrich

Applique 12 Easy Ways!: Charming Quilts, Giftable Projects, and Timeless Techniques by Elly Sienkiewicz
The queen of applique reveals all the secrets to applique in this very instructional book. You will probably learn more applique methods than you will ever use! Elly takes you from the basic supplies, to all the methods, and finally, through 29 projects to show-off your newly found skills. If you're still searching for an applique technique that you can be comfortable with, you're sure to find it in this book.

Hawaiian Quilting: Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 20 Blocks by Elizabeth Root
Hawaiian quilts have a real charm and this simple book shows you how to make your own. The 20 blocks are typical Hawaiian quilt motifs, with exotic names like Blue Jade and Angel's Trumpet. Any one would be suitable for a pillow or wall hanging, while all 20 would make a stunning quilt. Don't miss the introduction - it's a history lesson you'll love. An added bonus is the price of this book. This will probably be the most inexpensive book on your Quilt Bookshelf!

Basics & Beyond

Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!

Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!:The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference

Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference by Judy Martin

Measure the Possibilities With Omnigrid by Nancy Johnson-Srebro
Here Nancy gives us the most up-to-date information on rotary cutting. There are over 170 illustrations for both right and left handed cutting. There are exact directions for cutting the most used shapes, including 30, 45, and 60 diamonds, hexagons, parallelograms, even prisms. There's a problem solving guide to fix any of your rotary cutting errors. She even gives you all those "magic" numbers you need to end up with the right seam allowance. This book is a definite must for every rotary-cutting quilter.

Collections of Quilt Blocks

Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks

Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks: A Treasury of Patterns for Patchwork and Applique
This book truly is a treasury of 4" quilt blocks, with designs for every season and holiday, as well as traditional, flowers, baskets, children's designs and much more. While this book is a wealth of block designs, it contains only drawings, no templates with seam allowances. Because this is a hard-bound book, tracing the blocks could be difficult. I wouldn't recommend this book for a beginner.


Patchwork Persuasion by Joen Wolfrom

Patchwork Persuasion : Fascinating Quilts from Traditional Designs by Joen Wolfrom

Pattern Play: Creating Your Own Quilts by Doreen Speckmann

This book is one of my all-time favorites. Doreen uses humor and expertise to guide you through the design process. She starts with traditional components and graph paper to help you create an original block or quilt. Beyond the designing, her chapter, "Make that Quilt," has some of the best basic quilt-making directions found. This book would be a definite plus in any quilter's library.

A Fine Finish - New Bindings for Award-winning Quilts by Cody Mazuran

Sometimes even the best of quilters just sort of "fudge it" when it comes to the binding or outer edges of a quilt. This book will not only give you the basics for straight, curved or piped bindings, but many other more elaborate finishes. Take the mystery out of a scalloped edge, use piping to frame, even apply prairie points to curved edges. This book also includes two lovely little projects that will serve to expand your edging repertoire, Delicate Dresden and Jeri's Cranberry Glass Dish.


Easy Reversible Vests

Easy Reversible Vests by Carol Doak

If you want to make yourself any kind of vest, this is the book for you! Carol not only provides you with all the techniques and patterns for 3 styles and sizes from S(6-8) to XL(22-24), but also gives so many inspiring wearable artworks, that you won't be able to resist. I love the patterns both for fit and design. This book is a definite must!

Fun & Fancy Jackets & Vests by Patrick Lose
If you're a quilter, it's so much fun to build your own quilted wardrobe. This book will give you plenty of ideas to start. The designs are so fun, they just make you smile. Though the title states "Using No-Sew Applique," even the author himself tells you that most of the designs are machine sewn. The skill level for these projects is intermediate. The only drawback is that the patterns for the 2 jackets and 7 different vests have to be enlarged. Pick up this book and you'll want to pull out your collection of vibrant fabrics.

Quilting with Friends

Round Robin Quilts: Friendship Quilts of the 90s and Beyond by Pat Maixner Magaret & Donna Ingram Slusser

Quilting Bees: Swarms of Ideas and Projects for Friends by Barbara T. Lister

Miscellaneous Techniques

Equilateral Triangle Patchwork: Complete Instructions for 11 Quilts by Sara Nephew
Would you like something totally different? Sara Newphew has done a wonderful job exploring these surprisingly easy to work with triangles. The techniques and construction section is very thorough with a multitude of design ideas. The pattern section includes directions and diagrams for 11 different quilt designs in various sizes. This is really a fun book to stretch your designing urges.

Quick Country Quilting : Over 80 Projects Featuring Easy, Timesaving Techniquesby Debbie Mumm
If you thought you just didn't have the time for fun projects, this is the book for you! Debbie's combination of quick-cutting and quick sewing techniques brings quilting to those who thought they didn't have the time. This book is a real bargain, too, with 39 color photos, 700 illustrations and 500+ how-to-assemble diagrams. Great for last-minute gifts. .

More Quick Country Quilting

More Quick Country Quilting by Debbie Mumm

Debbie Mumm does it again! This book, also a bargain, features 60 new fast and fun projects that can be made in one week or less. Debbie's step-by-step approach takes the guesswork out of quiltmaking. Her clearly stated directions show exactly how a particular quilt should look, very helpful for the beginning quilter.

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