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Rose Quilt

Machine applique, machine quilted wallhanging from a class at Vermont Quilt Festival by Jeanne Hutchinson. I can't remember the real name of this project. It appeared in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine some time ago. (The adorable boys are my grandsons, wearing the vests Grandma made for them!)

Little Sunbonnet Sue

Little Sunbonnet Sue

This heavily hand quilted wall hanging brings back memories. It started as a charm quilt when I was cleaning up the sewing room. But before I could finish cutting it out, my mother became very ill and I had to drop everything to care for her in Wisconsin. I made do with a black print (now faded to ?) and brought it to quilt during Mom's doctor's appointments. Mom recovered fully in what seemed like no time. Though not really a charm quilt, it still contains 65 fabrics.

Grandma's Quilt

Grandma's Quilt

Every Grandma needs a special quilt for her little ones to play on, play with or snuggle under. I wanted one that was bright and full of texture. My little guys appreciated this one. The hand-appliqued bears are an original design of mine.

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