Wild Goose Chase

15-inch block (includes " seams):

1998 Jeanne Prue

Only 2 of these will be used in one block.

All seams are ".

Unit 1

Unit 2

Step 1:
Stitch together all a units, with B2 on each and either A1 or black completing each square. Press seams toward the dark.

Step 2:
Stitch assembled units together to form 4 larger units.


Step 3:
Add triangle d to the end of each Unit 2.

Step 4:
Stitch two Unit 3 to center c. Stitch two b triangles to one Unit 3 on each side of the center. Complete the block with the two remaining seams along the center.


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1999 Jeanne R. Prue

This page updated October 14, 1999